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The Case for Heterosexuality

NailWrenchI’ve had a number of on-line debates on the issue of homosexuality.  Mostly, these amount to unpacking the defenses of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, or just dealing with the ad hominem attacks against us “bigots” who are “obsessed” with this issue.  However, I was recently challenged to make my own general argument against homosexuality, which I’d like to do now.  I don’t presume that I will change any minds, especially given how personally invested some are in this issue in a way that transcends reason, but I’d at least like to demonstrate the reasonability of believing heterosexuality to be the norm and design for human beings.

The argument is pretty simple and straightforward, and almost so obvious it hardly needs to be spelled out.  It’s why society has accepted it these long centuries, children intuitively understand it, and it takes a good dose of liberal reeducation to eclipse it.  I believe it to be the foundational point of departure in the justification of homosexuality as a normal, moral, socially acceptable lifestyle.

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Only Two Religions: Meditations on Religious Pluralism

onewaysignIt has often been said that all religions teach basically the same thing, or are just different paths to the same God. This idea of religious pluralism comes both from the mouths of those who have made a career of “religious studies” and from those who simply mean to brush aside the whole question of truth in religion. The claim itself can be answered in several ways, but I think that behind this idea stands a common presumption about the nature of God and what He expects from us.

For most, this claim is simply a matter of ignorance about what the various religions actually teach, or consider to be essential truths, but when the most foundational doctrines are taken into account irreconcilable differences immediately surface. For example, Islam says that Muhammad was the final and greatest prophet of God and that Jesus was a mere human prophet, while Christianity says that Muhammad was not speaking for God and that Jesus was actually God incarnate. Islam claims that the Christian’s divine view of Jesus is a mortal sin (the sin of “shirk”), while Christians say that you must accept His deity for salvation. There is no harmonizing these views. Other examples that could be cited would be the Buddhist idea of a non-personal God (in fact, Theravada Buddhism is essentially atheistic) vs. the eminently personal God of Christianity; or the Hindu/New-Age idea of reincarnation vs. the one-life model of Christianity.

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I’m Old Enough to Remember When…

Tolerance meant civil disagreement, rather than thinking that contradictory views can be valid.

Rights involved what others shouldn’t be allowed to do to you, rather than what they should be required to do for you.

Art was the aesthetically pleasing product of creative talent, rather than someone with two thumbs trying to make a shocking statement.

History was something you learned about in order to understand the present and improve the future, rather than something you redacted in order to support your ideology.

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