I’m Old Enough to Remember When…

Tolerance meant civil disagreement, rather than thinking that contradictory views can be valid.

Rights involved what others shouldn’t be allowed to do to you, rather than what they should be required to do for you.

Art was the aesthetically pleasing product of creative talent, rather than someone with two thumbs trying to make a shocking statement.

History was something you learned about in order to understand the present and improve the future, rather than something you redacted in order to support your ideology.

Racism meant thinking that other races, as a group, were inferior, rather than criticizing the politics of someone who happens to be of another race.

Science was about discovering the truth in nature, rather than finding only answers to nature’s mysteries that fit a secular paradigm.

Gay meant being happy, rather than being happier with your own gender than the gender for which nature designed you.

Human life was what happened at conception, rather than a baby you bring home from the hospital.

Education was for learning how to succeed in the real world, rather than how to think just like teachers who are insulated from it.

Charity was a personal act of benevolence, rather than politicians distributing other people’s money to voters in “need.”

Sex was something that a man and woman did with complimentary genitalia, rather that something that any variety of persons do to have an orgasm.

Liberty was the freedom to do what you knew was right, rather than the latitude to do whatever turns you on.

Multiculturalism meant people from different places adding unique flavor and trying to live in harmony, rather than cultural islands competing for political leverage.

Diversity meant people with different talents, backgrounds and interests, rather than the acceptance of every sexual fetish as normative.

Debate involved people weighing competing ideas in a civil way, rather than displaying bumper stickers and protest signs.

TV shows featured virtuous people that could inspire you to be better, rather than dysfunctional people that make you feel like you’re not so bad after all.

Hate meant an intense dislike of a person, rather than expressing disagreement with a person’s beliefs or behaviors.

Expressing yourself meant demonstrating your internal character and talent, rather than decorating your body with ink and metal.

Sin meant doing what you shouldn’t and not doing what you should, rather than believing there is such a thing as sin.

Being a rebel meant wearing your hair over your ears, rather than hobbling yourself with your pants down to your knees.

school shooting was something a photographer did for the yearbook, rather than something that postmodern children do when they don’t get the proper affirmation.

Consequences were the natural result of doing stupid things, rather than what psychiatrists, surgeons, and pharmacists haven’t yet figured out how to mitigate.

Courage meant doing the right thing in life-threatening circumstances, rather than admitting your predilections to sympathetic peers.

Judges were people who enforced the law, rather than making them by selective enforcement and overturning ones they don’t like.

The concept of God was a thing that meant something in particular, rather than a three letter word into which you pour any meaning that makes you feel comfortable.


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