Bill Nye Believes Size Really Matters

“I’m a speck standing on a speck orbiting a speck with a bunch of other specks in the middle of specklessness. I suck.” — Bill Nye

This is a commonly expressed sentiment among atheists, though seldom expressed so inarticulately. It seems to suggest that value is in a directly proportional relationship with size: the larger a thing the more valuable. But this seems obviously false.

Some things are more valuable by their very nature. A diamond is more “valuable” than a ton of gravel, and a baby is more precious than a star. In fact, humans have qualities that make them unique in the natural world: self-awareness. The largest objects in the universe do not think, or know they exist, or ponder their origins. On this measure of reckoning, humans have infinitely more value than the largest galactic cluster.

Nye’s measure of reckoning value by size is both unsubstantiated and also problematic for other things I’m sure he values. For instance, is Nye really comfortable conceding that Shaquille O’neal is more valuable than he is?

This point of our relative size and “insignificance” in the vast universe is raised by secularists as though it disproves God in some way. It is as though for there to be a God, He’d surely make us one of the biggest things in the universe, or He would at least not waste so much unused matter and space. But just what is “waste” when God can make an infinite amount of anything? And how do we measure “too much” unless we have a way to know that it serves no purpose? Astronomers and physicists have certainly enjoyed and learned much from its vast reaches. Could we not equally claim that the vastness and beauty of the heavens declare the glory of God? The Bible certainly claims as much (Psalm 19).

Here is a new video that speaks to the unique (and statistically improbably) properties of the universe that permit something like intelligent life to exist and thrive.


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  1. Agreed, not much else to say on this.

  2. I remember that article.

    Off-topic, have you ever covered third-party reproduction?

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