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Bumper Sticker Arguments – LGBT Edition

Try to argue with LGBT advocates and you will often find that their justifications sound a lot like bumper sticker slogans, and seldom go much deeper than that.  This is partly due to the fact that they aren’t offered as rational justifications at all (as though their preferences in these matters were subject to reason), but as a conversation stopper.  Even so, they deserve some response, but given the dismissive way these arguments are usually offered it may be in the interest of your time and their attention span to stick with terse replies.

Here, then, is a list of some of these bumper sticker “arguments,” along with some suggested bumper sticker responses.

“I was born this way”
  • Since it could be said that everyone is born with something, then you seem to be implying that everything is okay.
  • That’s a bold psychological claim. Can you prove it?
  • How does that make it automatically good? 
  • Is it even remotely possible that it could be a defect?
  • Some people are born without limbs. Are you saying they should celebrate that and not try to correct it in any way?
  • Does that mean that if you weren’t actually born that way, it would be bad?
  • A paedophile could make the same claim. What’s your point?

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